100% plant-based

You won't be able to get enough of these chunks! Plant-based chunks, to brown in a frying pan! You'll love their taste and texture. It's the best alternative to chicken chunks we've ever been lucky enough to try. High in protein and a good source of iron, made in France, using French pea and wheat protein. You'll find them in the chilled range!

100% plant-based

(Light the oven...) Discover our 100% plant-based bacon lardons with a smoky flavor. The ultimate plant-based alternative for ultra tasty dishes: quiche lorraine, carbonara pasta, vegetarian pizza, savory tart. Tasty and crispy, they are made to replace bacon lardons in your preparations. Besides, they are made in France!


TEX MEX chunks

Imminent takeoff for TEXAS!Escape with our 100% plant-based TEX MEX chunks, with a tender and tasty texture, made in France, based on French pea and wheat proteins. Enjoy grilled in the pan or in quesadillas, fajitas or tacos, take your sombrero out of the closet, a spicy evening is coming.

100% plant-based
Special kebab

Fancy a kebab? The legend of street food on your plate (or rather in your bread). Discover our new alternative: the special veggie kebab, made from French pea and wheat proteins, Nutriscore B, with a spicy taste and a tender and crispy texture.

100% plant-based
Crousti Fingers

dip them in the sauce A delicious new treat: discover our 100% plant-based crousti fingers, 100% crunchy, 100% tasty, to share during the aperitif, as a hot starter, or as a centerpiece on your plate, it's up to you. Available now in the chilled aisle

100% plant-based

(we have diner at my place or yours?)
New and delicious: ACCRO nems, in a vegetarian version. We stayed as close as possible to the traditional recipe, 100% crispy, 100% tasty, to share as an appetizer, hot starter, or main course, it's up to you. Available now in the chilled aisle.

100% plant-based
Minis sausages

(It's not about the size...)
New bitesize treats: discover our 100% plant-based mini merguez & mini sausages, 100% delicious, perfect for sharing as an appetizer. A mini version of our essential sausages and merguez! Available now in the chilled aisle.


100% plant-based

They are totally scrumptiousThese are the tastiest and most delicious plant-based sausages you'll ever find. Pop these sausages into a skillet or on the barbecue and enjoy. Your taste buds will be asking for more! Find them in the plant-based chilled range of your favourite shops.


In its frozen form, it very quickly became the star of your ovens: our VFB (Very Famous Burger) now appears in the chilled aisle! 

Every bit as good, tender and flavourful, it will (still) blow your mind.

100% Plant-based
Premium Burger

They're gonna suprise you ! The most premium of plant-based burger. Our plant-based burger feature an "angel hair" texture, for a gourmet appearance that looks great on your table (rare or well-done, it's up to you). For a one-way trip (with no stopovers) to enticing flavours! Made with French pea and wheat protein, available in the chilled range!

100% plant-based
breaded escalope

You'll want to fill up on these escalopes! Delicious, crispy and tender breaded escalopes, rated Nutriscore B, made with pea, wheat and bean protein. Find them in the chilled range of your favourite shops! ACCRO plant-based escalopes can be enjoyed in a sandwich, a poke bowl, a wrap or simply as a side dish with your favourite vegetables!

100% plant-based

Things are heating up! We know, it's amazing! Merguez rated Nutriscore A? No wonder you're speechless! Your mouth is already watering... We get it! Our plant-based merguez are so tasty that you'll fall in love at first bite. Made with pea and wheat proteins, and made in France, find them in the chilled range of your favourite shops.

100% plant-based
Pulled Pork BBQ

On the menu tonight: BBQ pulled pork (just pan-fried or in a burger, hash, tacos or chili). A delicious alternative to pulled pork, the ACCRO BBQ pulled pork offers a tender and juicy texture: one thing is for sure, there won't be a crumb left on the plates. Plus, it's made in France, from French pea and wheat proteins.

100% plant-based
Diced ham

(The game is on, no more bets!) Enjoy our new plant-based alternative to diced ham, and give yourself the right to adore! Our 100% plant-based diced ham are made in Hauts-de-France, using French pea and wheat proteins, and have a Nutriscore A rating! What are you waiting for? Head to the chilled aisle of your favorite stores!

100% plant-based

All the best things about chicken and nothing else! Allow yourself to be seduced by our crunchy, tender, flavourful nuggets, all 100% plant-based, good for the planet, good for your health, the whole package, in the chilled aisle! Delicious, easy to eat and to prepare, and above all, Nutriscore B (and that’s pretty rare in the world of breaded foods).

100% plant-based

Mmmm, can’t you just imagine the taste of delicious meatballs, swimming in a creamy sauce? Well, we have exactly what you want! Our vegetarian meatballs, with their amazing taste and texture, will revolutionize your meatless recipes.

100% plant-based

We're not messing around with this flavour. Between us, who hasn’t tried to recreate THE recipe for lasagna or stuffed vegetables, the closely guarded family secret passed down through the generations? What if you became the family's next great chef with the unmatched recipe? To do it, you’ll need our plant-based mince, and your own inspiration!

100% plant-based
burger smoked taste

It’s burger night! *Sound of crowd going wild*  Yep, everyone loves those words. In any case, according to a very serious study, 100% of foodies have tried their luck!

The perfect alternative to beef steak to convert your favourite dishes to veggie format. So what’s so special about it? Its flavour and aroma of grilled meat, its incomparable texture, and with cherry tomatoes on cheddar, it perfectly fits the shape of a soft bun.

In life, it’s important to enjoy a variety of experiences! And we’re here to help you do just that! To give you something to enjoy every day, we’ve put together a delicious range of plant-based meat alternatives for you.

You’ll experience a juicy, tender and mouthwatering blast of flavour in every bite.
So which plant-based speciality will make your taste buds tingle?

ACCRO recette burger végétarien

Once upon a time there was... Irresistible taste

Whether you’ve decided to eat meatless meals more often or simply want to enjoy great taste at every meal without changing your habits, you’re part of our story.

Because reducing your meat consumption by choosing delicious plant-based alternatives should be an enjoyable experience!

  • For every day!

    For flexitarians looking for something other than soy and tofu... Change things up!

    ACCRO provides the daily protein you need. You can make lots of irresistible soy-free dishes!

  • For every taste!

    For all the "-tarians" who want to get together to share a great meal... ACCRO brings people together!

    In no time at all, you’ll become the (plant-based) 5-star chef that all your friends are talking about. Try it in lasagna, burgers and pizzas!

  • For today!

    For people who are discovering the benefits of a plant-based diet.

    "I want to eat foods that are both delicious and nutritious!"
    ACCRO has irresistible taste and texture, and that’s a recipe for success!

    With 18% protein, our plant-based alternatives are sources of iron and high in vitamins. Try them in any number of ways to create delicious, nutritious dishes.

  • For the future!

    For absolutely everyone!

    Eating ACCRO means enjoying rich and savoury meatless dishes. But it also means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, livestock feed imports, water for livestock farming and much more.

    A healthy gesture helps. You, the planet, and everyone living on it!

People who tried it, loved it!

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