ACCRO sells a range of 100% plant-based alternatives, made in France, made from pea and wheat protein, easy to use in all your recipes.

With ACCRO you can add a vegetarian option to your menu
Easy to cook / 100% plant-based cuisine.

  • Delicious & Flavourful

    ACCRO offers delicious and uncompromising plant-based alternatives to animal proteins: a flavourful range that can be used in hundreds of recipes that your guests will love.

    The taste and smell of grilled meat, pink on the inside, with an amazing texture that offers a fantastic taste experience.

  • Easy to Cook

    Composed of 100% plants with no animal protein, our products provide the same nutrients as animal meat (protein, iron, vitamin B12).

    Our products are easy to use for making burgers, lasagna, sandwiches, bowls, pasta, and so much more. Everyone will find a recipe they love.

  • Entreprise Certifiée B

    French & Sustainable

    Our products are made in Hauts-de-France, using French pea and wheat protein.

    ACCRO is a B CORP-certified, mission-driven company determined to be part of the solution to today's major global health and environmental challenges.

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Our 100% plant-based
range for food service

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100% plant-based

Try out our 100% plant-based Meatballs (frozen), with an irresistible texture, smell and taste, based on French pea and wheat protein.

Available formats:
2,2 kg and 6 kg

Implementation protocols:
pan, oven, sauté pan.

Make like a chef a good dish of pasta & meatballs or a 100% veggie bowl!

Suitable for vegetarians.

100% plant-based

Try out our 100% plant-based burger (frozen), with a unique taste and stunning texture, based on French pea and wheat protein.

Available formats:
14 x 110 g and 72 x 90 g

Implementation protocols:
frying pan, plancha, oven.

A staple of the vegetarian menu, ideal in a burger or in a pepper or shallot sauce!

Suitable for vegetarians.


100% plant-based

Discover our 100% plant-based crispy nuggets (frozen), a delicious alternative to chicken nuggets. Made in France, based on plant-based proteins, Nutriscore B, rich in proteins and sources of iron.

Available formats:
2,2 KG & 5Kg

Implementation protocols:
pan, oven, fryer

A staple of the vegetarian menu, ideal in nugget wraps or with a ketchup sauce.

Suitable for vegetarians.

100% plant-based

Discover our 100% plant-based mince (frozen), a delicious meat alternative, with a unique taste and stunning texture, based on French pea and wheat protein. Made in France, Nutriscore A.

Available formats:
2,2 KG & 6Kg

Implementation protocols:
pan, oven

A staple of the vegetarian menu, ideal in vegetarian lasagna or in a stew.

Suitable for vegetarians.

100% plant-based
breaded escalope

Discover our frozen 100% plant-based breaded escalope, with a crispy texture and amazing taste, made in France, from plant-based proteins. Nutriscore B, rich in protein and a source of iron.

Available formats: 1.98 kg and 5 kg (product weight: around 90g)

Implementation protocols: frying pan, sauté pan, plancha, oven.

The ACCRO breaded cutlet perfectly imitates the taste experience of chicken and can be used in many recipes: wraps, bowls, salads or alone with a sauce. 

Suitable for vegetarian & vegan diets.

100% plant-based
cooked burger

Discover our frozen 100% plant-based cooked burger, with a unique taste and stunning texture, made from French pea and wheat proteins. Nutriscore B, rich in protein, source of iron, rich in vitamin B12.

Available formats: 2 kg and 6 kg (product weight: ~ 87g).

Implementation protocols: plancha, oven, sauté pan.

The essential of the vegetarian menu, ideal in a panini or a burger! 

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

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Accro 100% plant-based & soy free
Made in France Made in France
Accro Committed to the future

What our first professionals say

ACCRO offers an excellent alternative, both in terms of taste and texture, and our customers love it! We're so grateful to ACCRO for coming up with such a great product, made in France!

Patrick L.,

The taste and the texture are incredible! The combination of the fresh bun and the farmhouse cheeses in our Bikette burger is amazing. Our customers love the ACCRO plant-based burger. We absolutely have to be able to offer such a high quality product given the strong demand for a plant-based alternative. Thank you ACCRO!

Guillaume B.,
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Our sales manager, dedicated to commercial and institutional food service professionals, will work with you to determine your needs and ensure ACCRO is successfully added to your menu!


Culinary Expert

Our culinary expert in charge of creating tasty and easy-to-make recipes will help train your staff and give you our prep and cooking protocols.


Communication Support

Our product manager dedicated to the food service industry, whose mission is to provide you with everything you need for a successful launch: product information, print materials (posters, leaflets) and online content (video, QR code, social media content).

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  • What can I expect in terms of taste?

    Our products taste similar to meat. However, we do not add any artificial flavouring to our products. For this, we work to use natural flavors only. That means you have countless ways to season them to your liking. And if you need some inspiration, we suggest you try our famous ACCRO burger recipe.

  • What plant-based alternatives do you offer?

    Today we offer a range of plant-based burgers, burger patties, meatballs, stuffing and nuggets. We are working on pork and chicken alternatives as well. Follow us on social media to keep up to date on our new products : Instagram and Facebook.

  • Does it really seem like you’re eating meat?

    You tell us! In any case, we worked long and hard on getting the texture just right to replicate the tender chewiness of meat.

    At ACCRO we want people to be able to change things up by including some meatless meals, while still enjoying the sensation of eating meat.

    That being said, the best thing to do is to try it and let us know how you like it!

  • Does ACCRO belong to a large parent company?

    No, we are an independent company and do not belong to any group.

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