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In life, it’s important to enjoy a variety of experiences! And we’re here to help you do just that!


To give you something to enjoy every day, we’ve put together a delicious range of plant-based meat alternatives for you.


You’ll experience a juicy, tender and mouthwatering blast of flavour in every bite. So which plant-based speciality will make your taste buds tingle?



Our range of alternatives
to animal protein

100% plant-based

You won't be able to get enough of these chunks! Plant-based chunks, to brown in a frying pan! You'll love their taste and texture. It's the best alternative to chicken chunks we've ever been lucky enough to try. High in protein and a good source of iron, made in France, using French pea and wheat protein. You'll find them in the chilled range!

100% plant-based

They are totally scrumptiousThese are the tastiest and most delicious plant-based sausages you'll ever find. Pop these sausages into a skillet or on the barbecue and enjoy. Your taste buds will be asking for more! Find them in the plant-based chilled range of your favourite shops.


In its frozen form, it very quickly became the star of your ovens: our VFB (Very Famous Burger) now appears in the chilled aisle! 

Every bit as good, tender and flavourful, it will (still) blow your mind.

100% plant-based

All the best things about chicken and nothing else! Allow yourself to be seduced by our crunchy, tender, flavourful nuggets, all 100% plant-based, good for the planet, good for your health, the whole package, in the chilled aisle! Delicious, easy to eat and to prepare, and above all, Nutriscore B (and that’s pretty rare in the world of breaded foods).

100% plant-based

Mmmm, can’t you just imagine the taste of delicious meatballs, swimming in a creamy sauce? Well, we have exactly what you want! Our vegetarian meatballs, with their amazing taste and texture, will revolutionize your meatless recipes.

Committed to sustainability
Accro 100% plant-based & soy free
Made in France Made in France (French peas and wheat)
Accro Good for me
& for the planet

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