A plant-based
blast of flavour!

In life, it’s important to enjoy a variety of experiences! And we’re here to help you do just that!


To give you something to enjoy every day, we’ve put together a delicious range of plant-based meat alternatives for you.


You’ll experience a juicy, tender and mouthwatering blast of flavour in every bite. So which plant-based speciality will make your taste buds tingle?


Accro 100% plant-based & soy free
Made in France Made in France (French peas and wheat)
Accro Good for me
& for the planet

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We have plenty of answers
to your questions

  • Are your products made in France?

    Yes! And more specifically in the Hauts de France, in Vitry-en-Artois. Our raw materials (peas and wheat proteins) are also grown in France. To find out more, click here!

  • Are your products healthy?

    We developed our products with nutrition in mind. They’re rated Nutri-score A, high in protein, a source of iron and high in vitamin B12. We’ve replicated the benefits of meat as closely as possible while limiting its unhealthy aspects (cholesterol, fat). Check nutritional facts on our products pages

  • Give me one good reason to try a plant-based burger?

    Just one reason? Actually, we have at least 5 good reasons!

    1. Because it’s delicious in a burger, lasagna or vegetarian couscous
    2. Because it lets you eat a varied diet without compromising on taste
    3. Because it’s French: our products are 100% made in France
    4. Because it’s sustainable, you’re helping protect biodiversity and the planet
    5. Because it’s healthy and nutritious: our products earned A and B ratings from Nutri-score and scored between 75/100 and 84/100 on the YUKA nutrition app.

    To learn more about ACCRO's commitments, click here

  • Where can I find ACCRO products?

    Our products are available in France in the fresh and frozen aisle in a selection of drives, stores and restaurants. And actually, we hope to start selling our products internationally in the very near future!

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