We agree! Eating is life… and we agree, there will always be good people.

So for those of you who like easy cooking, eating and laughing, in short, life itself: here are 3 excellent reasons to succumb to the pleasure of plants!

Reason n°1 :

At ACCRO, we understand that you don’t want to have to go vegetarian or give up your favourite foods to eat sustainably.

Nothing is impossible at ACCRO

We knew we could figure out a way to replicate the flavour and texture of good beef!

Today, we are very (very) proud to be able to offer you a 100% plant-based alternative that’s tender, juicy and absolutely delicious.

With ACCRO you can make your favourite foods that have the texture, colour, smell and taste of happiness. And we realised that you don’t need to use soy protein to replace meat.


Just between us…

Suddenly you realise that you’re starving…

And some days, you don’t have time to cook. Are you looking for simple, healthy, quick and really good solutions, without generating the equivalent of your weight in CO2 emissions?

So to impress your dinner guests, we have come up with easy, irresistible vegetarian recipes, to make over and over again!

In fact, everything we do, we do with you in mind.

The recipe corner
Made in France

Reason n°2 :
French and sustainable

Made in France Certified Company B

A healthy meal is good for you, good for the planet, and good for every living being on earth. (Yes, even mosquitoes).
But a healthy and sustainable meal is even better!
At ACCRO, sustainability isn’t just a word: it’s our credo.

Designed and manufactured in France

You could say that our plant-based specialities were born wearing a beret and carrying a baguette. In fact, it was really important to us to ensure that ACCRO didn’t travel around the world three times before it reached your plate. Firstly because you would have had to wait so long before being able to eat, but especially because we are convinced that the locavore lifestyle is the way of the future.

So to be in line with our values and commitments, we work exclusively with French suppliers! Moreover, our products are manufactured in Northern France, near Lille.
We’re going to make you so proud!

Mind if we pat ourselves on the back a little? ACCRO is one of just 4,170 B CORP certified companies worldwide! Give us a high five!

4,170 is the population of Pleslin-Trigavou, a small town in Brittany. That’s 0.0005% of the French population.

B CORP is an international certification that rewards ACCRO for our positive impact on the world, in terms of our governance, our employees, the environment, the community, the relationship with our customers and the products we provide. There’s no shorter way to put it.

Missions and Values

Reason n°3 :

Easy to cook and packed with flavour! ACCRO is a meat alternative made from 100% natural ingredients that provide all the nutrients you need.

With just 15% fat, our products are rated Nutri-score A, the highest grade you can get! (We won’t even mention Yuka, we’ll let you check it out for yourselves)
Our products contain vitamin B12 and iron, to give you an energy boost. And no animal protein, no GMOs, no soy, just natural goodness!

Oh really?


  • Are your products made in France?

    Yes! And more specifically in the Hauts de France, in Vitry-en-Artois. Our raw materials (peas and wheat proteins) are also grown in France. To find out more, click here!

  • How come it's so good?

    We're so glad you like it (that’s our number one goal). We worked long and hard, tasting thousands of burgers prepared by leading chefs to be able to offer you the flavours and textures that we loved.

    And to make it even better, we’ve got plenty of recipes here if you need them!

  • Are your products good for the environment?

    Yes, because they help significantly reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming.
    On average, producing a plant-based burger compared to producing a beef burger:

    • Requires 46% less energy
    • Generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions
    • Uses 93% less land
    • Uses by 99% less water.

    And at Accro, we are totally committed to sustainability!

  • What does ACCRO certified B CORP mean?

    B CORP certification meets the highest standards of environmental and social performance and is part of a movement of mission-driven companies that seek to be a “force for positive change”. We are determined to be part of the solution to today's major global health and environmental challenges. Learn more

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