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Special kebab

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Fancy a kebab? The legend of street food on your plate (or rather in your bread). Discover our new alternative: the special veggie kebab, made from French pea and wheat proteins, Nutriscore B, with a spicy taste and a tender and crispy texture.

Cook and enjoy

Salad, tomato, onion?

Get ready to enjoy a unique experience

We won’t keep you in suspense (or around the skewer) for very long. Enjoy without delay our 100% plant-based kebab special!

Can you smell that good aroma of grilled spices? Taste a delicious homemade 100% plant-based kebab, for a real moment of pleasure with each bite.

Vegetarian Kebab or Kebab style Pizza?

Are you looking for the best alternative to meat kebab? We propose the vegetarian kebab recipe that will please everyone! And if you want to vary the pleasures, also garnish your pizzas, tacos, paninis or quiches with 100% plant-based kebab, it also works.

It’s good and good for you!

Our alternative to meat kebab is made in France, a source of iron, and rich in proteins (from French peas and wheat proteins). You will quickly adopt it.

Let yourself be tempted by our 100% plant-based special kebab, as protein-rich as meat, Nutriscore B and rated 78/100 on Yuka.

On-site or takeaway?

Ingredients &
Nutritional values

Rehydrated pea (32%) and WHEAT (14%) protein, water, sunflower oil, natural flavouring, pea fibre, potato starch, preservative: buffered vinegar.

Nutrional Values Per 100g % DV* per 100 g
Energy (kJ) 1067 13%
Energy (kcal) 256 13%
Fat (g) 16 23%
of which saturated fatty acids (g) 1,8 9%
Carbohydrates (g) 5,9 2%
of which sugars (g) 0,7 1%
Dietary fibre (g) 3,1 -
Protein (g) 20 40%
Salt (g) 0,98 16%
Iron (mg) 2,7 19%
*DV: Daily value for an average adult (8,400 kJ/2,000 kcal) 2,7 19%

EASY TO COOK, impossible à oublier

Chef, can you prepare me a kebab?

You don't need a skewer to cook our alternative to meat kebab, a simple pan is enough. To be accompanied (if you want) by its 3 main vegetables: salad, tomato, onions.

Cooking instructions:


Cooking time: 4/5 min.

🍳 In a hot lightly oiled pan, cook the Special Kebab over low heat, stirring regularly. Serve once cooked through.


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