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Drapeau Français Nutriscore A Certified Company B

Do you want to impress your friends and family by making hearty vegetarian lasagna or killer vegetarian stuffed tomatoes? We have exactly what you need: our plant-based mince!

Cook and enjoy

Accro plant-based minceThe star of your kitchen

Get ready to enjoy a unique experience

It has everything you can imagine, and more!

Its texture, taste and smell will blow you away. This plant-based product is perfect for making vegetarian stuffed tomatoes, lasagna, shepherd’s pie and the list goes on.

You’ll be totally amazed by the colour, taste and the fantastic aroma of grilled meat.
Legend has it that it’s good enough to fool a lion!

It’s good and good for you!

Our mince is made with love from pea and wheat protein grown in France. Guaranteed to be soy-free and non-GMO
(yuka score 90/100)

And as an added bonus, you’ll reduce your environmental impact without compromising on flavour!

Our 100% plant-based mince is exactly what you need if you want to add variety to your everyday meals with vegetarian recipes!
Our vegetarian mince provide a balanced protein mix and are rated Nutri-score A. It is high in protein, vitamin B12 and are a source of iron.

Ingredients &
Nutritional values

Rehydrated pea protein (31%) and wheat protein (8%), water, sunflower oil, pea fibre, natural flavourings, stabilising agent: methylcellulose, concentrate (radish, carrot), concentrated beetroot juice, caramelised sugar syrup, barley malt extract, acerola juice, vitamin B12.

Nutrition Facts for 100 g % RDA mean
Energy (kJ/kcal) 923 / 222 11%
Fat (g) of which Saturated fatty acids (g) 14 (1,7) 20%
Carbohydrates (g) (of which sugars (g)) 6,0 (<0,5) 2%
Fiber (g) 3,9 -
Protein (g) 16 32%
Salt (g) 1,0 17%
Iron (mg) 2,6 84%
Vitamin B12 (ug) 2,1 19%

Easy to cook, impossible to forget

A delicious meal in minutes

We challenge you to find anything that’s easier to cook!

Sautéed, baked, in vegetarian lasagna or in a stew, you can enjoy them in countless ways.

Our plant-based crumbles can be prepared in a few minutes and with very few utensils.

Yeah, that electric knife you bought can stay in the drawer.

How do you cook it?

In a frying pan

Without thawing
Cooking time: 8 min.

In a hot non-stick pan, sear the desired amount of product without adding any oil. Cook over high heat for 3 minutes, stirring gently.

On a plancha

With thawing

Pour the desired amount of product into a container and let thaw in the refrigerator for about 4 hours. You can then add it to your favourite recipes (meatballs, stuffed vegetables, etc.) and cook in a skillet or in the oven.

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